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What is Torticollis?

Torticollis is a common condition in newborns where muscles on one side of the neck become shortened. This can be from positioning in the womb or various pressures/positioning during delivery. This muscle imbalance can result in the following:

  • Head tilt or preference to look only one direction.
  • ​Flattening of the head that may or may not require a helmet.
  • ​Preference of using one arm over the other. 
  • ​Hitch crawling (one leg out the side while army crawling).
  • ​As well as other developmental delays and asymmetries.

Physical therapy can help lengthen the shortened side, while strengthening the opposite side of the child's body to correct asymmetries to set your kiddo up for proper development. A Physical Therapist can also provide ample education and resources so you can help your little one every day. 

what are signs of developmental delay?

Developmental delay refers to difficulty in achieving age-appropriate milestones. Here are some signs of motor delays in children:

  • Difficulty holding head and neck steady.
  • ​Limbs seem too rigid or too floppy.
  • ​Limited movement in arms and legs.
  • ​Struggling to roll over, sit independently, or crawl on hands and knees.
  • ​Inability to bear weight through the legs or stand by 1 year old.
  • ​Balance issues and abnormal crawling or walking.​

Of course, each child develops at their own pace. However, if you notice persistent delays or concerns, it is important to seek evaluation from a qualified professional. Early intervention is key to promote healthy motor development.

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